Friday, September 21, 2012

Ah yes, I do exist

Sometimes I wonder. In other news, I finished a knitting project! I practically broke my arm, patting myself on the back after I got it done. I used some yarn I had in the massive yarn pile. Probably DK  weight, wool, dyed with indigo in the fall of last year. Jordan, my trusty assistant, needed a shawl to wear on site while in costume, and after about 5 attempts at a different pattern, I tried the Holden Shawlette, found on ravelry. Such an easy pattern that I am almost finished with another one. That is, as soon as I spin and dye some more yarn to match. Yes, I managed to run out of fiber halfway through. arrgggghh. But the first one (pictured here) was finished with a bit of yarn to spare. Go me. This is a really easy pattern, but if you're a visual person, like me, do yourself a favor and use the lace charts. All those words will just mess you up.

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Marie said...

Hmmm... lovely shawl, but I've already told you that. I may be calling you for chart-reading advice as that's the extent of the instructions for my Hebridean shawl.