Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ask Your Mama

I saw a great show today - Langston Hughes, Ask Your Mama - 12 Moods for Jazz. It was bittersweet, because everytime MLK's picture showed up, you wanted to say a little goodbye to Coretta Scott King, who passed away today. I encourage anyone and everyone to see the show if it comes to their area.
On a happier note, I started a Jaywalker sock this evening. I bought some hand dyed yarn when I was in Charleston (at Knit, which has now moved to 87 Wentworth St.) this past July, and ever since I've been trying to turn it into something else. I had a false start with the Jaywalker already this month. I was happily knitting along when I realized that my sock had a nice pointy, scalloped edge that the picture did not. It helps to read the pattern thoroughly. Seems I just skipped right past that k2, p2 ribbing! I ripped and decided to punish it, so it's been sitting in a basket, crying for attention. I'm only on the first row, but I'm going to set it aside again, just to show it who's boss.
In the finished project department, here are a pair of fuzzy feet I finished this month. Again, I started them earlier (around Christmas), but didn't get them finished until now.
I used up some leftover unknown wool, obviously. I never said this was going to be exciting. Now I must leave you all, and pretend I'm not interested in my Jaywalker socks.

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Rachael said...

Look at you blog! So happy to see you out here in blogland. I'm not a big commenter, but know that I'll be reading....