Thursday, August 15, 2019

Catching Up

First things first - you might have noticed I've changed the name of the blog. Knitting NonPareil was appropriate at one time, but I don't knit much anymore. I call my house Blueberry Cottage, and here's why. When I bought this house in 2011, I was the 3rd owner in 45 years. The first owners stayed from the time it was built in 1966 until 1972. The second owners lived here from 1972 until 2009. The husband was a world-renowned blueberry specialist, and he left a legacy in my backyard. Blueberries, a heavy-bearing Fuyu persimmon tree, and a couple of fig trees. The 4 pecan trees that gift us every other year with a bountiful harvest have been here longer than the house. I've added a Satsuma orange tree, Meyer lemon trees, a pomegranate tree, and some loquats.   I was tickled to learn that my house was the former home of a blueberry specialist, and I gave it the name Blueberry Cottage. In actuality, it's a brick ranch, but I like to pretend it's a cottage. So that's the back story. I'll keep the name until I move, which isn't likely to happen for a long time.

Now I guess it's time to catch up on that 6-year-old bathroom renovation. I love the bathroom now and the only thing I wish I had done differently would have been to tile around the original tub with subway tile, rather than using a surround. But that could still happen - just don't tell Mike. Here are some pics from when we first started the tear-out.

I know I have more pictures somewhere, but 6 years is a long time to remember where you stashed some electronic files. And on to the reveal. Here it is!

Apparently, I have some kind of turn-of-the-century or '20s vibe going because I love white hex and subway tile, pedestal sinks, and beadboard. And no, the beadboard isn't going the wrong way. I would like to replace the lights over the mirror with one on each side of it, but it can wait.  We also ripped out the ceiltex tile (gross) and used 100+-year-old tongue and groove floorboards on the ceiling. We sanded them down (that was before we bought a planer!) and painted them. It was a labor of love to put them up - just ask Mike. I added a light/exhaust fan also. I'm not a fan of the look of traditional exhaust fans.

There wasn't an exhaust fan in this bathroom, which I'm guessing was because it has a window. It did, however, have a heat lamp. Yes, in south Georgia. This is the bathroom I use, and I didn't see a need for such a thing. Mike's bathroom still has one, and he still uses it.

I promise you I don't have a thing for whales. It just happened like this! I like the fact that I can change up the feel of this bathroom with just a new shower curtain and some new pictures. So that's it. It's been 6 years and I still love it. But the kitchen, the floors, now there's another story. Stay tuned!

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Catching Up

First things first - you might have noticed I've changed the name of the blog. Knitting NonPareil was appropriate at one time, but I don...