Monday, January 30, 2006

Let the finished objects begin!

Sorry this picture is so small. I guess it's not a good idea to save your pictures in Yahoo photos, and use them from there. I'm learning. This is a shot of the Carnival shawl, by Margaret Haas. I originally bought the kit through KnitNet, but now they're a thing of the past (the kits, that is). It used acrylic Mexican Wave, but baby, let me tell you, it's wonderful. Yarn snobs be damned, I liked the stuff! I made a blue one for my eldest daughter (I think I have a pic somewhere, it's the prettiest), a green one for my Mom, and then two red ones, one for me and one for my youngest daughter. I would have loved to get the blue kits, but once word got out, they sold out quickly. I think the yarn has been discontinued, hence the absence of the kits now.

I started the shawl a while back, but finally finished it up this month. It was great travelling knitting, but boring if you were paying attention. I took it to the movies a few times, too. Easy "in the dark" knitting. Margret Haas at the The Yarn Boutique 1719 Bloor Street West; Toronto ON M6P 1B2 (416) 760-9129, is the designer, and she probably has the pattern still, if not the yarn.

Tomorrow, more finished objects for the month of January.

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Vera said...

Wow, I get to make the first comment on your blog.

The shawl is cute.

I'm going to do the Knitting and Crocheting Olympics. I probably should get drug tested.