Sunday, February 19, 2006

Not A Contender

I'm such a joiner. And such a quitter! I didn't get started on my Olympic knitting right away, after all, I have to work, right? And Friday is International Date Night at our house, which means it's wings and a $2 movie downtown. So no Snowdrop Shawl knitting. BUT - during my busy week I managed to get this done:
Don't laugh - that is the sum of three days of knitting, ripping out, knitting again, swearing, and more knitting. I even managed to get almost the entire first set of repeats done. With mistakes. Which is why the Snowdrop Shawl now looks like this:I am officially on onlooker now, a benchwarmer, crashed and burned on my first time out on the ice. All is not lost though, look what I started this week:It's Evelyn Clark's Trellis Scarf from the new Interweave Knits! I bought the KnitPicks alpaca it calls for in the Tide Pool colorway. I love it! And a close up, while squeezing in some knitting in my car (I was parked, calm down!)The only problem I had was where you have to knit 7 together. My original straights I was using had blunt tips, and I was losing my mind trying to get all 7 stitches to knit at once. I found some ancient plastic circulars in my collection that have pointy tips which has made the going a bit easier. It's still tricky trying to knit 7 freaking stitches together with lace weight yarn, but so far, so good. Now I just have to make 23 repeats of the pattern. Twenty-three. Oh joy.
I leave you with a scene you never want to see at work:That would be 2 firetrucks, one police car, and an ambulance. As it turns out, there was no emergency, just something overheating somewhere in the building. As I was taking photos I saw the firemen taking pictures of each other in front of the firetruck. Boys and their toys.


Vera said...

Sorry the project didn't work out. I just got the new IK, and it has some very nice things in it.

Amy Lu said...

Bummer, there's always next time. I love the Trellis scarf, it looks gorgeous! I've been eyeing up that pattern myself.

Christy said...

That's too bad about the Snowdrop! I started the pattern before Christmas and messed it up so badly and ripped it out about 8 times before I gave up. I decided it would be the perfect challenge for the Olympics. The next time around was much better. This border is kicking my butt, though. It's not difficult, it's just A LOT OF STITCHES! Better get back at it!