Monday, July 17, 2006

Baseball, Peach Cobbler and Knitting

How All-American is that?
Here's yet another new project (another Wool Peddler's Shawl) at the Greenville Drive game last Friday:

I felt very conspicuous taking a picture of my knitting, hence the little view of knitting, and big view of game (and fans).
It was the first game we had been to at the new stadium, and we were pleasantly surprised to see that it was crowded. So crowded in fact, that we ate our hot dogs, boiled peanuts and beer standing up, using a trash can as a table. Tacky, huh? Hey, someone else was doing it first, so we asked if we could share their table. Can you say sodium overload?

This past weekend John whipped up some homemade vanilla ice cream (actually more like ice milk - yuck, not my favorite) so I made some peach cobbler. I don't like either one, so I just took a picture.

For those of you who like fabric, here are some shots of my trip to Mary Jo's, in Gastonia, NC. Once again I felt very conspicuous taking pictures, so there aren't many. I always think someone is going to confiscate my camera or something. Guilty conscience?

And finally, a familiar scene in our family.
Yarn, hanging out of the car.


Shannon said...

I've never been to a Mary Jo's but it looks like over load. And what's up with boiled peanuts ~ is that a southern thang?

Beth said...

I remember hearing about that fabric store during the days when I sewed a lot. From your pictures all I can say is "Wow! What a place!" My favorite picture is the one of the yarn hanging out of the car!

Julie said...

Boiled peanuts? eeewww (OK, so I've never tried them, but they look, um, yucky). I do have a really good homemade vanilla ice cream recipe, though. It involves Eagle Brand milk & vanilla instant pudding mix. The peach cobbler looks good!

Leslie said...

The Greenville husband and I hope to attend a game soon. From afar, it looks like a nice stadium. Love Mary Jo's. Have only been there once and that was years ago.

Marietta said...

ah mary jo's...a home away from home :) love triple-A ball - hoping to go to the cubs-nats game this wekend in dc