Sunday, July 30, 2006

Now That's a Coincidence!

Before we cut to our normally scheduled program, let me say:

Happy Birthday Shannon!
What are you now - 40?? I'm taking pics of your "other" bday gift tonight, and will have it to you before you're 41. ha-ha!

Okay, now that she's thinking of something mean to say about me, let's get back to our regular programming. I'm finally catching up on blogging and blog reading. I didn't mention in my last post that my camera (Canon S200 Elph, dearly loved) became the victim of a baggie that didn't do it's job. (Wow, I think that's how some people got here.) I bagged it, John put it in the back of his kayak, and then we forgot about it. He pulled it out when we beached, and it was full of water. Salt water. Did I mention that this is the second camera lost to salt water intrusion? I immediately took the card out, but left the battery in. Guess what? It didn't work. Big surprise, I'm sure. Anyway, I was able to get the pictures off the card using my card reader, but I had to go to Best Buy today to see if I needed a new battery or a new camera. With the twins coming any day I didn't want to be without one. Turns out it was just the battery. So, it's charging right now and soon I'll have some pics of recent finished knitting projects.
Okay, now I'm back to the coincidence in the title. Thanks for sticking around this long. You'll notice in the list of blogs in my sidebar one titled "Southern Shades". I was just trying to figure out how I got to his blog, but for the life of me, I can't remember! Anyway, this is a gentleman in GA whom I've never met, but enjoy his sense of humor. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, always entertaining. He reciprocates and reads my blog, probably seeing more grandchildren and yarn than he ever hoped to. BUT - the other day I read this post on his blog. Well hot damn, I'm practically famous. Better yet, I have the book! I bought it about 10 years ago when I took my one and only spinning lesson, and owned a furry Siberian Husky. It would be another 5 years or so before I got a wheel, and by that time Savannah Jane (the dog) was chasing squirrels in the great beyond. My book actually looks like this:

(hey, blogger photo posting just worked - call the Vatican - it's a miracle!)
Really now people, am I that transparent, or has this guy got my number? And it's really not that weird to spin and knit dog hair, is it? Even though I can't see you, I KNOW you're laughing. Stop it.


epgraves said...

Hey, I was just doing a search for "Hair of dog that bit you" on google hoping to find a funny pic for another blogger I know locally that was bit by a dog. I wanted to rub it in. The photo of that book came up and I had to "Expound."

Prehaps if I sent you the dog that bit her, you could knit her a sweater so I could actually give her the gift of "The Hair of the dog that bit her." Then after that Stephen King or Anne Rice could pick up on a sequel.

You and I could share in the royalties, but we won't share with the dog bite victim because hey....that's just life!

I can see the catch phrase in the movie trailers now..."You'll laugh, You'll cry, You hack up a Hair Ball."

Shannon said...

What 40-41? HELLO...I'm 9 years younger than you my dear! So you are way off, but thanks for making my day. You're the Grandma not me!!

As for the dog hair sweater...strange! Although I'll be real concerned if you start knitting P-Titty sweaters and socks.

Marietta said...

giggles - my mom used to belong to a weaving and spinning guild in new jersey and there were people there who worked with nit just dog, cat, and rabbit hair but dryer lint!

Anna said...

I learned to spin on dog hair -- my grandmother kept (and keeps) keeshonds, a dog with an extremely thick coat that requires constant grooming. The underlayer of their coat is very soft and downy and makes a pretty soft yarn - it's been years, but I remember it as being slightly softer and springier then wool, though not as soft as mohair.

The only kink in this lovely bizarre memory is that these days anyone mentions spinning, and I start smelling wet keeshond.