Monday, July 03, 2006

The Return of the Evil Twin

Well, you asked for it, and you got it. Before I get into this, let me say that I am NOT happy with body double. Call it a self-esteem problem, whatever, but this thing is fat. Chunky. Square. Remarkably like me, and that doesn't make me happy. What was I thinking? I stuffed her within an inch of her, um, non-life, but didn't have any cardboard to stop her up, hence the flowing innards. And wouldn't you know that my first attempt at the 1914 muslin is going to be too small?? I guess that's why we make a muslin, isn't it, class? I'm going to finish the thing anyway, I'm having fun.

This is the muslin of the bodice of the afternoon dress, with the sleeves pinned in. I took this last week, and still don't have the things sewn in yet. BUT - this is an incredibly easy pattern. I was worried that it would be fussy and hard to interpret, but as usual, I was wrong. The hardest part for me is admitting I need to make the next larger size. Like I'm ever going to wear it, anyway. I don't intend to make yet another muslin in my size. I figure once I've got this one done, I'll have it all under control. Fit isn't nearly as important as finishing, in my book. I'm not using real muslin, either. It's a cotton blend, and at $1.00 a yard, it was as good as muslin. It's stiff, though, so you don't get the drapey appearance of the real fabric. I intend to go to Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC soon to find something I really like. Cheap.
BTW, I got my needle set from KnitPicks, and so far all I've done is open it. We just (and I mean just) got back from a quick weekend to Gatlinburg, which I will report about tomorrow. Here's a shot of what's in the basic package:
Okay, actual knitting content tomorrow, and now I'll leave you with Evil Theresa, enjoying MeatLoaf. The band, not the food.


Vera said...

Let us know how you like the needles. I like mine so far.

Have a happy 4th.

Shannon said...

Evil Theresa is kinda short!

Beth said...

That is way too funny! :)

Anonymous said...

Dust or orbs?

Marietta said...

oh my goodness! i love mary jo's in gastonia!! so worth the drive when i was living in roanoke va! that is where i bought my wedding dres fabric...almost forgot about it...ahhhh

Leslie said...

"The Return of the Evil Twin".... Could this be the inspiration of a up and coming horror book? Frankly I am impressed with her. Never thought she could actually be used.