Thursday, August 17, 2006

Amy Butler Nappy Bag!

Wow, I really am getting better at finishing things, aren't I?? I may even have a finished sock by Monday, if I don't keep screwing it up. Those wrap and turns get me all befuddled if I'm not paying close attention. And last night I saw the very first Dead Like Me (which is now cancelled I hear). Oooh, I do love that show. So I had to rip out the entire heel on the blasted sock and start over again.
But on a happier note, Here's the Nappy Bag:
I bought the fabric at Hancock's and I love it! Especially because it was on sale. I didn't put the pockets on the inside, but I did make the cell phone pocket for the outside. I keep my glasses in it! (Where is my cell phone, anyway??) This is for me, not for a baby. Not to say I'm not a baby, but I think you get it. I am going to put some type of closing device on it, so it won't gap. A button and loop, some velcro - who knows? This pattern was so much fun that I bought the Amy Butler Cabo Halter pattern and the long apron pattern.
Added later: I forgot that I wanted to add a key string like this one.
In baby news, Daniel is taking to being home like a duck to water. Bowen is the most attentive big brother ever known to man. Luke is still in the hospital, gaining weight steadily (now within an ounce or two of his birthweight) but still with a body temp of about 98.1. Which they think is too low to bring home. That seems to be the only problem, so let's hope he can come home today.


Jesse said...

I want to see more baby pictures!!!

Vera said...

Super cute bag. Wish I could sew.

Shannon said...

Love the Nappy bag and the Halter pattern. Can't wait to see it when you make one in all your free time ;o)

Donna said...

The bag looks great!

I hope the little one is able to go home soon.

Marietta said...

nice fabric choice. i love her patterns! so fabulous and well written - i hae made several of the nappy bags and the the other hand bags - looking forward to next summer when i will make me the cabo halter