Sunday, September 10, 2006

Like the Old Saying Goes . . .

I woke up one morning and it was September. What? That's not an old saying? Okay, like the new saying goes . . .
I'm sick. Rotten, green snot, sneezing, coughing, hot and cold chills, headache, dry eyes sick. No, I couldn't get sick over the summer when work was slow. I had to time my getting sick with our season opener last week. Any guesses who that might have been? Here's a little pic.

Since I wasn't the one to open the season, I guess it was Ricky Skaggs. It was a fantastic show by a great bunch of people. Just as down-home and good-hearted as they come. And then there's the music. If you weren't a bluegrass fan when you got there, you were when you left!
In between all this sickness and working, I've managed some quality crafting time. Here's as far as I've gotten with the Lorna's Laces sock:

This sock was originally destined for my dear sweet red-haired niece, but alas, her feet are too big. And her birthday was yesterday. Sorry Em.
I did finish something! My sister pieced this little lap quilt (what was it Betsy - 8 yrs. ago?) and gave it to me to quilt. Well, it's finished! Washed and hung up to dry.

This past week was also "Grits for Grans". That translates into grandparents eating breakfast with their grandchildren at school. For $2.45 I got coffee, juice, the best biscuit I've ever tasted, a little cheese omelet and grits. I wish I could go every morning! Afterwards, Toby's teacher wanted a picture of the two of them. Man, can we breed 'em with big heads or what?

On a side note, Toby had his first book report last week. He gave us a preview one afternoon, and not to be outdone, Bowen said he was going to do a book report, too. He ran into his room, and came out with his children's Bible. He stood up before us, with his Bible open in one hand, gestured with the other hand and said, "Gather round ye, and listen to the word of our Lord, Jesus Price".
Wonder if he was any kin to Vincent?


Beverly said...

Your grands are hilarious. I'll have to keep a lookout for "Jesus Price". If he's any kni to Vincent I'll be sure to run.

Hope you feel better soon. I've been struggling with the crud this week also. Seems to be going around.

Leslie said...

What exactly do you do at Clemson? I am so envious. Ricky Skaggs is one of my all time favorites. I LOVE BLUEGRASS!!!! A couple of years ago my husband and I saw him at The Handlebar in Greenville. It was fantastic.

Julie said...

I get such a kick out of your Bowen stories. Things are never dull around him, are they?
Sorry to hear you're sick -- hope you're feeling much better very soon!