Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What? Me? Read?

I confess. I didn't actually READ all those books in my list from last year. I LISTENED to quite a few of them. I have a 30 minute drive to work, and I get CD's from the Clemson library, or I plug in my MP3 player with downloaded books. I have a plug in my stereo in my '05 Honda Civic which allows me to play right through my stereo. I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to books. I like to multi-task (just like you Georgia Shannon!) so listening and knitting go hand-in-hand. I would recommend all the books on my list. Some were better than others, but all worth the time. Beloved was fantastic! Yes, it freaked me out, too, but sooo good. I listened to it while walking (and knitting) and I would go and go, not wanting to stop! I just bought The Bluest Eye for $2 (cassette tapes) and I can't wait to start it. Right now I'm listening to The Memory Keeper's Daughter, by Kim Edwards. Good, but it's kind of drawn out. I notice that more when I listen to a book - I will skip pages when I actually read it, but there's none of that when I listen.
I seem to have a problem actually reading these days - I just can't seem to finish a book! I have Thirteen Moons right now, by Charles Frazier, but I'm only halfway through. Of course, it's nothing like Cold Moon, which was one I couldn't put down. I've read it, listened to it, and watched it at the movies and on TV.
I seem to go for southern writers, even Eudora Welty, although sometimes I wonder with her stuff - what's the point? I'm not a "deep" reader by any means, in case you didn't notice.
On the knitting and sewing front - I made another Amy Butler Nappy Bag - this time as a diaper bag, and I'm working on a nursery ensemble for a friend of mine due in May. John has my camera in Tifton, supposedly taking pictures of houses to buy, so I'm pictureless.
I got my KnitPicks Gloss in Dusk yesterday to make Knitty's Thermal. Note the button to the Knitalong. I swatched, and swatched, and swatched - 'til I couldn't see straight. I posted to the group at the KnitAlong, and hopefully someone can help me with my gauge dilemma. I'm almost finished with my Everyday Cardigan, too. Just finishing up the last sleeve, then seaming and the button band. I should have it done by the time the temps warm up. Doesn't it just figure? I hope the weather in Tifton, GA isn't great ALL the time. I'd like to think I'll wear a sweater occasionally!


Shannon said...

Well I'm not much for reading~but you go girl! ;o)

As for the sweater...Well you know where you can come if you need to wear a sweater. It's -2 right now and another winter storm warning. I'm so sick of it already! Can't wait to put the long underwear away. Yes...I wear them EVERYDAY and still I freeze.

marti said...

i have come to love listening to books as well! great for knitting, spinning and all that kid schlepping i seem to have to do lately.

Beverly said...

Wish I could listen to books. To me they're like taking an Ambien. I can't even get through the first chapter.

Good luck with the thermal. Hope the gauge issues work out.