Friday, April 27, 2007

Help Me Help You

Update: EPGraves got me straightened out with all the lost links thing. It WAS the template change that did it! Thanks!
When I switched from the old blogger to the new blogger I lost all my knitting links on the sidebar. I'm sure there's a way to find the old page somewhere, but in the meantime if you used to be on my list over there and now you're not, please let me know. I'm missing reading my blogs, but I can't remember which ones. Sounds crazy and senile, doesn't it? Email me at

Soon I'll take some pics of my beautiful Manos scarf and the almost finished Snoopy baby quilt.

Here's something that's coming along even better than my knitting (insert laughing here.)


epgraves said...

House looks good. It wasn't the switch from the old version to the new Blogger that lost the links, it was when you changed your template to a new look. I do mine from inside the Template Html so no problem but when you select a new template from the blogger menu, it happens. Sucks, but it happens. It wipes all changes out.

Beverly said...

Things are really moving right along. Fantastic!

As for the template thing, I started messing with mine from inside the template html long time ago. Partly out of guilt because that's part of my job and I was being lazy by using the shortcuts and partly out of curiousity.