Monday, November 05, 2007

What Goes Up

Must Come Down. So the saying goes. We found it to be true this weekend at our house, as we were trying to do some cleaning.

What you're seeing is a hole leading to our attic. Never mind that there are pull-down steps right behind it. No one was seriously injured, but we will be calling someone in to do some drywall work. And we'll probably make a trip to Lowe's for some plywood. sigh.

I seem to get all kinds of strange ideas for posts as I'm falling asleep. I was reading last night before bed, and used a pick flosser for a bookmark. Gross as this sounds, it was just handy. And it was unused. Why it was on my nightstand is a mystery, but it'll give you a clue about my housekeeping. Anyway, after I used the pick for a bookmark, I wondered if future archaeologists would ever unearth my books and wonder about the tiny cheese cutters in their pages. They DO look like cheese cutters, face it. I wonder what tonight's bedtime thoughts will bring.

**Added later - almost forgot - read another good book. The Witch's Trinity, by Ericka Mailman.

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