Monday, January 21, 2008

Knitting Holiday

Oh, I do love a 3-day weekend! I cleaned my house for my sister's visit on Saturday, so I've been sitting around now, knitting and not caring if there are dust bunnies gathering. It's been cold here, like below freezing cold. Wet, but just rain, no snow. Not that we'd ever get snow here, but a girl can hope for a few flurries, can't she? The sun is shining today, and there are just a few clouds, just so we don't forget it's not spring yet.

Here's the view from my seat in the breakfast room.
Not quite uplifting, but it is peaceful.
I've been watching movies, listening to books, knitting and I even got a 4+ mile walk in last night. It was so clear and cold, and I had been sitting around all day, just eating and knitting, and I had tons of energy. My iPod ran out of juice 3/4's of the way through my walk, and suddenly it wasn't so fun anymore. Just cold and dark, and a little creepy. The neighborhood looks totally different at night!
The movie watching has been interesting: Widow's Peak, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Holy Smoke, Keeping Mum, Neverwas, and part of Norbit. My Lord, I have done a lot of TV watching this weekend.
I've also been working on my Secret of the Stole ii first hint. I started it on Friday, but I have made sure to just put it down unless I have complete silence and total concentration! I refuse to frog this thing.
I also started a Baby Surprise Jacket out of some Caron Supersoft I had stashed away, from a bunch of yarn someone gifted to me. Did I mention before that I started the Bee Fields Shawl in my handspun? I'm thinking of frogging it because I'm not sure I'll have enough. Sigh. Starting it was the most difficult part. so far! I even made 2 pairs of handwarmers this weekend, with some plum colored acrylic that had been languishing in the stash since I bought it at a second-hand store years and years ago.

These are just a few of the spots that are a dead give-away that I've dedicated my weekend to knitting. I'm not much of a "pick up as you go" kinda girl.
Here's a nifty little needle pouch/bag thing I made a few years back, and never finished. It's supposed to have a button or something to hold it closed.
You just take a regular placemat, mark the center, and sew in ziplock bags. I did about 6 in one direction, and 6 in another. Stores dpn's and circulars. Quite handy!

To those of you who have had this day off, I hope you've enjoyed it! We don't get another one for quite a while!


Anonymous said...

My next 3-day weekend won't be until May. I am glad to see that there are knitters that truely enjoyed their extra day off. I love the veiw from your breakfast room. I must come visit you one weekend. :)

shansays said...

Oh, it sounds lovely. I have been cleaning, unpacking, knitting, and surfing. And I went to the gym, which was indoors, and not creepy:)

I'm on row 32, how bout you:)

Jenny said...

I don't really know what we'll do with the diapers yet. We've just been throwing them in the washing machine and later tonight I plan on doing a rinse cycle and then putting other clothes in to wash with them. She hasn't had a dirty one yet, but it should be easy to flush most of that down the toilet. Does Katy use cloth diapers? It looks like you had a fun weekend knitting! I meant to work on some sewing projects yesterday but didn't have time because I was cleaning.

Marietta said...

hey there - long time no read! i think that your ziploc bag needle case is brilliant!
and yes his shoes are from the stardust pattern - that is what i meant to link them too - silly me! and yes they stay on!

Theresa said...

That is a nice view and how great to have all that natural light coming in. I want that some day! That's a neat idea for the needle holder. Now if my kids could just take care of themselves (LOL) I could watch some good tv and get some knitting done! Sounds like you had fun.