Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Purse of the 13 Lipsticks

I don't even wear lipstick most of the time. I have thin lips, and I don't like to draw attention to that fact. But for some reason, while attempting to find my $10 off coupon for Belk's which expires today, I found no fewer than 13 lipstick/glosses in my purse. What I didn't find was the coupon.What's even worse is that I know there are more lip thingys at home somewhere.

Moving on to less puzzling affairs, let me tell you about my new creme brulee torch. I say new, but I don't have an old one. It's my very first ever torch. So naturally I made creme brulee. Here it is with it's sugar on top, before I torched it. I was so excited to do it that I didn't take the after picture. My Lord, that is some good stuff. If you've never had any, I double-dog dare you to try it. I could eat it all day long, every day.
I haven't been just eating and getting beautiful - I actually knit something. NO, not the Secret of the Stole ii. I'm waiting for my pointy wooden knitpicks harmony's to come in for that. I started the Cat's Paw Scarf in some of my handspun. I shot a close-up so you can see how uneven the spinning really is! This merino blooms nicely when it's soaked and blocked. I think I may try to dye this scarf with wine when it's finished. Yes, you heard me right. Wine. Maybe a nice Merlot. So follow my lead, get your knitting drunk today.

added later: go to this blog for a laugh. Anyone with kids will get it.

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Theresa said...

I just cracked up when I saw the 13 lipsticks that you don't wear! LOL I am such a packrat, but I don't carry a purse anymore, just a small wallet that I hook my keys onto. I have a hard enough time keeping that cleaned out! :o) I quit carrying a purse when I had kids - just put the wallet in the diaper bag and now we don't have the diaper bag, so I'm just down to the wallet. I am afraid to get a big purse because then everyone will want to put something into it!