Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Paging Dr. Grandma

Excuse me for being MIA. I was desperately needed to bring health and well-being back to my family in SC. You know I'm the ONLY one who can do this.
Seems poor old Toby ended up in the hospital with double pneumonia, double ear-infections, strep throat and a sinus infection. He's got asthma, too, so breathing wasn't an easy task for a few days. I freaked out, naturally, and drove the 5 hours it took to get there in record time. My youngest daughter (oh, how we love thee!) came down from Charlotte to help out with the other three boys.

I even brought my knitting. Foolish, foolish woman. Take 3 boys, all sick, lots of laundry and old age and mix them up. What you get is me. Oh, and Jesse. I doubt that she'll EVER want children after this. It was like a circus just trying to take them somewhere. Carseats, sippy cups, extra diapers, purses, diaper bags, etc. We bossed Bowen around and made him help us (poor 6-yr.-old peon) until he ended up sick, too. Sigh. Toby came home over the weekend, and when Jesse and I left town in opposite directions, Toby was feeling great, Bowen seemed to have the flu, and the twins were discharging green snot and pulling at their ears. Poor Katy and Heath. I wouldn't be them for all the yarn and Cadbury Eggs in the world. I haven't heard from them since Sunday, so I'm assuming all is well.
This is Aunt Jesse's idea of fun in the bathtub. Maybe it's because we used to do it to her!

We did have some fun though. We taught Lucas how to punch and say "Pow Pow", and let Dan eat all the green apple slices he wanted. Glad I wasn't there to change that diaper. I cut everyone's hair, and even the neighbors up the hill heard Bowen screaming. You do know that it hurts your hair to be cut, right? WRONG!!!
I was happy (understatement) to get home to my sweet husband and mean cat. I dragged out that untouched knitting and finshed up Hint #3* of the Secret of the Stole ii. This might have helped:

*revision: I meant Hint #2. I WISH I had finished up hint #3!!!


Jenny said...

I heard about Toby. It must be so stressful to have a child in the hospital. (I visit one almost every day at work, taking them nebulizers.) Your birth story sounds terrible! I ended up having to be cut too, but it was only like a 2nd degree out of 4 or 5, I can't remember. And it was horrible so I can't imagine being cut all the way! But for me, being unconscious wouldn't have helped because the worst part of the episiotomy was the next two weeks!

Beverly said...

Poor fellas. It's always great to have grandma and auntie to the rescue. The twins look like they were having a ball.

Julie said...

Hope all the boys are better by this time. Katy has to be about at her wits end. I love the way Jesse came to help. That's the kind of sister everyone needs. Old age???? Yeah, right! You don't know old age yet. Don't you realize that some of us are close to Social Security?

Theresa said...

Poor Toby! he really got hit with a whammy! It's hard to see little ones in the hospital but he looks like he had a good attitude. I'm sure your famiy appreciated you coming. My family lives 16 hours away and so it's not possible unless it's a dire emergency! I hope everyone is getting back to normal!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a week. I am so glad you are at home with your husband, and that you took some time off yesterday to garden.

I tend to go to church bi-weekly (and sometimes DH goes, but most often he doesn't). And a few weeks back, we got handwritten letters from our church saying they were praying for us. I thought they only prayed for families that were sick, and a recent death, but apparently they will pray for you if you are out of work and eccentric, also.


Big Hug,