Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Love, Priority Mail Style!

No, no mail-order pool boys, but something even better.
I got presents (or pesinks or circes or whatever YOU might call them!) from my Knit It Forward partner, who turned out to be Kelley in AZ. Get a load of this loot:

Now you get to listen to me describing it all. Because I want to, because I HAVE to! (and yes, I know this picture sucks, thanks anyway)
Even the card is cool - Kelley, did you make it? Next to the card is a little knitting book with "history, fashion and great knitting yarns" - did you know that during WWII "knitting" was sailors' slang for "girls?" It's got some great pics and good stories and quotes, and is small enough to fit in your pocket for instant inspiration. Next is a darling black sheep tape measure. The best part is that I spent a full ten minutes feeling him up last night, trying to find out where you pull the tape from. It practically amounted to sheep abuse. I KNEW there was a tab somewhere, but I couldn't find it. (yikes, sounds like a bad date). In my defense, it was dark and I was tired. (again, a bad date). Next in line is the Hershey's Caramel-filled milk chocolate sticks, which 3 of my co-workers have now tasted. I swear they smelled it through the box and descended on it like starving kittens. Kittens all over 5 feet tall. Oohh, that's a scary kitten. Back to my goodies - a pattern for Evangeline and some gorgeous Malabrigo in Vetiver. Vetiver, hmm, I feel quite British when I say that. I wanted to get started on Evangeline last night, after finishing up something else (that's for another day) but I knew I had to take pics first. So for you, my adoring audience, I waited. Next we have the SWTC Karaoke Hat Collection pattern book. Tons of neat hat patterns (and they seem pretty easy) and maybe one to use my regional item from AZ -Alpacazona Farms alpaca! It's handspun from their foundation female, Godiva (brown) and her buddy, Zelda (white). Its very soft, almost silky. So now I'm going to be patient 'til after work, when I can ignore my dirty house and piles of laundry and start on Evangeline. (why does that sound like some kinky date, too? Sorry Evangeline!)
Kelley, thank you so much for such a great package. If this is your first swap, I can't wait to see what the next ones are like. You did good girl!
added later: Um, yes Kelley, thanks for letting ME be the one to molest the sheep!


Kelley said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed everything, and yes, I did make the card myself. I looked at that poor sheep for a while looking for the pull tab and never did find it...but that didn't stop me from sending it to you. Then again I was standing in the middle of the store and didn't want to get caught molesting a sheep. Can't wait to see your Evangelines, I'm still trying to resist making a pair myself.

Theresa said...

Wow! I haven't been here for awhile and everything changed! Looks nice though. Another friend has this color background and it makes me hungry... butterscotch pudding! :o)

What a fun gift package you got! I have some eggplant colored Cascade 220 that I want to make the Evangeline with but will make them shorter because I already have short (and fat!) arms!They should be pretty in Malabrigo.

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Nice stuff! Thanks for the button on your blog for the Saucy Knitters Swap! It is going to be FUN!

shansays said...

Okay, I thought on lonely men in Montana molested sheep. I am so confused.

Hmm, we may have to get together and spin at some point, all this talk of homespun and sheep molestation is making me horny for my wheel.