Monday, March 24, 2008

Saucy Hot Swap

This is for my Hot Sauce Swap Partner. Don't you wish you had one?


What kinds of sauces do you like? Do you like ‘em hot and spicy or more toward the sweet? Do you like four alarms going off at once, or a heat that builds?
Do you have any sauces that you do not like at all?
Hmmm, I guess I never gave it that much thought. Let me start by telling you what I don't like. I don't like chili, hot or otherwise. It's just all that chili flavor. Ugh. But I do like chili paste (does that even make sense?) like the kind you get in Chinese or Thai restaurants. I like regular old Tabasco sauce, and fruity hot sauces. I can tolerate BBQ sauces, but I don't like them as much. I don't think I like anything that will peel the skin off the inside of my mouth at first taste.

What do you like your hot sauce on?
Mac and cheese (not that I eat that fattening stuff - ha-ha!), rice, quinoa, any vegetable saute, on any type of meat, on potatoes, shrimp and grits.

What kinds of recipes do you like to work your hot sauce magic with? Do you BBQ? Throw it in take-out? Put a dash into your eggs in the morning? Do you like to cook, or do you prefer to just dress up a good take-out dish?
I tend to add it on after I've cooked something, to spice it up. I do use hot chili oil when making any type of sauteed dish. I like to make fruity hot sauce marinades for bbq'ing.

Do you have any particular food allergies that should be avoided when picking out a hot sauce?
I'm allergic to silk, but since I've never eaten it, I think we're okay here.

Recipe you would like to share?
Nothing I have written down. Usually I fly by the seat of my pants.


Do you knit or crochet?
Both, but mostly knit

What are your favorite types of yarns to work with?
Pretty much anything. Nothing with silk in though. I have found that I have a passion for unplyed type yarn, like lopi, Lamb's Pride Worsted and Malabrigo. It just seems to glide on my needles.

What do you have on the needles (or hook!) right now?
You're kidding right? I'll just tell you a few: plain socks made with hand-dyed wool/nylon sock yarn, Secret of the Stole II using KnitPicks lace yarn, Knitty's Thermal in KP Gloss, St. Brigid in KP Wool of the Andes, Glee in some Elann fiber, Evangeline in Malabrigo, and some Fiber Trends Clogs in Lamb's Pride Worsted.

What are your favorite colors to work with? Are there any colors you wouldn’t want caught dead in your stash?
I like all colors, but shy away from mustards and browns. I'm more a green/blue girl, who has been know to go for the orange/pink/yellow thing! Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever knit with red yarn of any type, except for that one XXL crocheted afghan I made my daughter.

Any preference in your hooks/needles? Prefer bamboo over plastic or aluminum? You’re good with whatever you’ve got to work with? Let us know.
I like wood or bamboo for my dpns, metal is too slippery! I almost always use circulars or dpn's anymore. The straights tend to really strain my hands and arms. I have the KP metal circular set, which I love for their pointy little tips! I need dpns in 2.25 and down but have been too cheap to buy any for myself. I like the KP harmony ones. Let's face it - I like KnitPicks. I can knit with 2 sticks and a piece of poison ivy vine, if necessary.

Notions. C’mon, let us know – if you get one more measuring tape, will you run screaming from the room? Or are you the type that loses stitch markers constantly? What notions do you love and loathe?
I love all my notions, when and if I could find them. I have two needle sizers and two sheep measuring tapes, which I tend to lose. I couldn't tell you where most of my stitch markers are, and I tend to leave projects, needles and patterns lying about the house. And in drawers. And don't be surprised if you find yourself sitting on some little scissors that slid down between the couch cushions. I've always been intrigued by those little stitch markers that look like a lock, usually in pink and blue.

Any fiber allergies we should know about?
Silk hates me. No silk. No silk blends. Boo-hoo.


Are you a snacky type of person? Do you like candy? Chocolate? In between hot sauce applications, what would we find you snacking on?
Bless your little hearts, you would ask that. I'm currently on a healthy eating binge, which may or may not last long. So, right now I snack on fresh veggies. But I've been known to sneak M&M's and twizzlers. And Nonpareils, aka Snowcaps. And Junior Mints. And orange chocolate. So forget I ever said anything about eating healthy. I'm really not much of a snacker, more of an EATER.

Are you into recipe magazines? Knitting mags? What kinds of quick, stash-it-in-your-knitting-bag reading do you like to have on hand?
I like to cook and to read about cooking. I subscribe to Interweave Knits and Piecework, and always buy the latest Quilts and More. I work in a library, so if they added a knitting room I'd never leave. I LOVE to read just about anything. Except biographies and non-fiction. Nothing like real-life to depress me.

What cheers you up?
Like I said, not real life! Spending time in my sewing room or garden, grandbabies, weekend trips to historical sights, getting to a real yarn store, spinning and dying my own yarn, a clean house, and a good low-country boil. The kind you eat, not the kind you have to lance.

Do you collect anything other than yarn?
Only strange things, like fabric and milk glass tomatoes.

Do you have pets?
One haughty tuxedo cat named P-Titters.

Any other allergies?
Not that I know of. If one crops up, I'll let you know.

Are you a swap newbie, or have you done this before? Any good advice for newbies you’d like to share?
This is my second swap, so I'll refrain from saying anything.

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