Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby Bean Revisited

Oh how those young 'uns grow when you're not looking. Here's Baby Bean's latest portrait.Pretty amazing, doncha think? We're hoping he eventually grows arms and legs.
This is going to be one of those random posts. The kind where everyone can tell I have PMS and can't keep a straight thought in my head.
This is a shot of my neighbor's side yard a while back. Everything's green now, even the grass, thank goodness.
Continuing with this randomness, here's a shot of my friend Kathy's latest UFO. Socks. Yummy. Wait, not UFO. FO, FO - finished object!! I told you I was in a bad way!
My garden as of March 31. It's about 4 times this size now. I've eaten more radishes in the past month than I have in my entire life before this!
These are my tee-tiny tomatoes and peppers (and marigolds) two weeks ago. I'll take another shot in two weeks to show you just how green this thumb of mine really is.

To end, let me say that I tried to make mozzarella. Not having the correct ingredients didn't stop me, right down to using my everyday rubber gloves, which made the cheese (and I use that term loosely) smell like Pine-Sol. Oops. It had the texture of silly putty. Remember biting your silly putty when you were a kid (don't lie, I know you did) - well, same thing. And the silly putty tasted better. All in all it was a fun science experiment. Hmm, I should have tried to see if it would bounce like silly putty, too. Drat, maybe next time.


Jenny said...

Baby Bean is very good-looking. And what a nice shot! It's sometimes hard to tell what's what in an ultrasound but not this one. That's so funny about the silly putty cheese! I never ate mine that I can remember, but I do think I tried some play dough once or twice. My mom made it on the stove and it didn't taste half bad :-)

shansays said...

I love mozzarella:) And Kathy's socks are cute, and she finished them!

Miss you girl.