Monday, August 11, 2008

August Fiber Meeting

I'm back, I'm back. And now it's time to blog about the Fiber Meeting we had at the Agrirama before I left for vacation. I just hope I haven't forgotten most of it! Can we talk about how fiber people are the best? The one thing we have in common, fiber, brings us together. People you might not normally hang around with become good buddies when you bring out your spinning wheel. You can talk wool types that woman you just met who just started knitting. You get the picture.

Here's everyone but me, reluctantly posing. Sometimes you just hate to have to put down your knitting!!

I'm going to make the following pictures small, but you just have to click on them to see them larger.
It's been a while since this meeting, so I hope I remember what I was taking pics of! This is some beautiful roving that Karen was spinning up. She brought some of her other roving purchases with her, too, and when I saw them I got all excited. I thought they were for sale! But they were hers that she had bought. For herself. sigh.
This bag from Sherlyn:

yielded the following goodies:

I would venture to guess that these must be some of Hazel's latest socks. She is our Queen of All that is Socks. Are Socks?

Here she is, diligently knitting on her latest pair of socks, while Nicole tries to ignore Suzy. Not happening!

That's why no one should knit lit. Just kidding, but getting Suzy drunk isn't a bad idea. The pictures I could take . . .

Here's Jackie doing this:

to make this:

And Karen doing this:

to make this:

As you can probably tell, this post is all whacked out. I hate it that I can't make blogger do what I want.

When Sue wasn't spinning

she was teaching the fine art of carding to Joanie. Wait, is that the right name?

Okay, I can't get any more pictures to upload right now, so this will be continued tomorrow!

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