Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have You Played This Game??

Go to Google, type in "Unfortunately, your name" and laugh at what you see.

Unfortunately, Theresa has waited for months to be adopted and has been passed over time and time again.

Unfortunately, Theresa's marriage ended in divorce.

Unfortunately, Theresa was keeping one more big secret--she slept with Julian on their wedding night and became pregnant with Julian's baby!

Unfortunately, Theresa didn't win the big showcase, but she got to spin the wheel AND we all envy the fact that she got to be this close to Bob!

Unfortunately, Theresa lost her way when she became part of the demanding world of retail management.

Unfortunately, Theresa announced her intentions to keep the child, and Ethan was forced to admit to a disbelieving Gwen that Theresa had been with him and that what she said might really be true.

Unfortunately, Theresa, of Blackheath, South East London, was already pregnant.

Unfortunately, Theresa was the victim.

Unfortunately Theresa had to work.

Unfortunately, Theresa was sick most of the cruise and had to make a stop at the ship's doctor on Tuesday, where we found out she was running over a 102 temperature.

Unfortunately, Theresa passed away January 1, 2004, and I needed this info for her obituary.

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