Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sewing Friday

Don't get excited - this isn't going to happen every Friday, just this past one for now.

This little sewing get-together was prompted by my knitting during a staff meeting. One thing led to another, and the next thing you know, I'm giving sewing lessons. Luckily they had never seen anything I had sewn, or they might have backed out.

I drew up a little schematic for a 1-yard, 3-hour tote bag. I told them to buy a yard of fabric, and because I figured no new seamstress wants the scraps right away, I would just use the entire yard.

We started with explaining selvedges, the grain of the fabric and rotary cutter lessons. That pretty much used up all my technical expertise.
Now Amanda had used her machine to sew on before, and as it turns out, has a very logical mind, so she probably could have stayed home to watch Oprah instead of the sewing lesson. She sewed, pinned and ironed like she did it all the time. The only time she she struggled was maybe when I didn't have her leave the opening to turn the bag rightside out large enough. It took a bit of pulling and tugging, but she did it! I'm sneaky like that, watch out for me .

Tonia, on the other hand, wasn't as familiar with the sewing machine. She brought hers with her, this little Kenmore Mini-Ultra, which was given to her by her MIL, because it didn't work.
I love those kind of presents, don't you? I have to tell you though,, it's a neat little bugger. 10 stitches and a buttonhole stitch. And it was free. I think she'll enjoy sewing on it, all except for the part where you have to put the presser foot down by hand :).

I set her up with my Viking, and with hardly any instruction, she was off and sewing! I fixed her little machine for her, and I tried out some of the stitches.

We took a little snack break in-between all that labor intensive sewing. Whew, gotta keep a girl going, you know.

That's Tonia's teenaged daughter sitting with her, probably hoping the torture would end soon. Nothing like spending your Friday afternoon with your mother while she learns to sew. Gag.

In three hours they had both finished their bags - not bad for your first sewing lesson.
And you know you've hit the mark when you daughter decides to use the bag for herself. Score!

PS - I hate freaking blogger. Is there no easier way to do this!!! Aaarrrggghhhh!!!!


Marie said...

What ARE you complaining about this time?

a simple yarn said...

Very cute bags!
And yes, there's an easier way than Blogger...your own domain name and a Wordpress blog structure. Ah, the freedom...!

April said...

I wish we lived closer so that you could teach me to sew. I have a machine, but I rarely use it and only for those projects I know no seamstress will EVER see!

auragazer said...

oh man, i wish that i were there for that, looks like you guys had fun, i know that i would have!! Those bags are adorable!

MichelleB said...

Great idea! Sounds like fun. I think you SHOULD do it every Friday! Okay, okay. Maybe just once a month.

Anonymous said...

I had sooo much fun!!!! Can't wait for the next project!!! =)