Monday, April 06, 2009

There Used to be a Drought

Used to be. We've had more rain in a week than we're used to in months. And to add insult to injury, yesterday we had hail. A lot of hail. My tomatoes and peppers are history now. I think one of my pepper plants still sports a leaf. Wow. I was yelling at no one in particular during the storm, furious that my garden was getting pummelled. My husband was more worried about his new pickup in the driveway. Really now, insurance would cover any damage his truck might incur, but I was going to have to plant a new garden!
This is our front yard during the storm. The freaking hail was so loud I was sure there was a tornado right behind it. We even lost some roof shingles.

This is my friend Teri's deck. They won the hail contest, and I'm glad!

The lake behind our house is about 10 feet higher than it usually is - the neighbor's dock was completely underwater. John had just planted some small azaleas on Saturday, which are now underwater plants.
On Friday, (we were off work, due to flooding) I noticed some splashing around near the shallow part. Big splashing = big fish. I've seen lots of little fish, bream, etc., but none of the legendary big fish our builder had told us about. When I went out to inspect, I was creeped out. These splashing suckers were not big, they were BIG. Really big. I'm sure they were just big old catfish, but they looked scary. I tried to throw them some bread, but they were too smart for stale whole wheat bread. The little fish loved it, as did the ducks, but the big fish left as soon as I got close. I did get a close-up of a fin, just to rule out the theory that Nessie might be residing in Tifton, Georgia.


Marie said...

I'm sorry you got a hailstorm, but I'm glad we didn't get any over on my side of town.

Jenny said...

We drove through the area that got all the rain on our way to Florida. WOW, there was a lot of water! I was a little jealous until we saw several mobile homes in low-lying areas where a foot or so of water had accumulated. The poor people were wading around their houses, looking at the damage and the big mess they had to clean up. I feel bad for them :-(

Jenny said...

Yep, I-75 is exactly what we took, and I'd almost rather be beaten than drive through that crap again! (We went a different way on the way back!)