Monday, June 08, 2009


Remember me saying that I used my Teflon (forgot the capital T the first time) wok to make creme brulee? Believe it or not, I just got this comment:

Theresa - Thanks for recommending using a Teflon wok while making your Creme Brulee. I represent DuPont and it's always a pleasure to see people recommending our products in their recipes. If you are interested in some other recipes or great cookbooks to look at, drop me an email and I would be glad to help you out! Thanks. Cheers, Ross

I guess he didn't read the part where I said the little dark pieces (from the pan) could be mistaken for vanilla bean. Ouch.

But cheers to you Ross, and to DuPont, because I use the hell out of that pan, dark bits and all.


Marie said...

This Ross guy may be a good person to know.

Katy said...

hey you could get me some more cookbooks...I could use more...Oh and maybe the brown bits are why he suggested cookbooks?

Betsy said...

And, exactly WHERE did you get that pan?