Friday, June 12, 2009

Sir Ross of Teflon

Remember Ross? No, not that Ross. You know, Ross from Teflon. Think about it. Yeah, it was just a few days ago. The guy who's really into Teflon? That's the one. He hooked me up with some recipes and info. The first one was something to do with Teflon and your bird, which of course meant how to cook your Thanksgiving Turkey in Teflon-coated cookware. Or not. I thought I had the wrong page at first. Apparently it's about how to cook safely with your bird in the kitchen. Your LIVE bird. No, not a live turkey, unless that's what you have for a bird. More like Lola, my sister's bird.
Who does indeed spend a lot of time in the kitchen, dropping glass ramekins from her perch. Because they were empty, that's why.

Here's the link to Safety in the Kitchen with Your Bird: (click on the pic)

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