Saturday, August 01, 2009

Starting Yet Another Quilt

You can blame it all on my sister Betsy for sending me the link to this blog - Film in the Fridge. It's like ice cream in the freezer - you just can't stop going back to it. I had to do it.

It's a string quilt, using all those scraps that have been resting in plastic bins for years! Like the offending blog, I'm using white as my center piece, but I'm paper piecing them using paper from the phone book. Yep - I found a five-year-old phone book at work and cut the pages down to 8.5 square. I took my stitch length down to 1.5 and the paper comes off like butta. You just have to make sure your fingers stay clean, which they did. It just occurred to me that if I use smaller starting squares, I can use up all those small scraps. duh! I did these 12 yesterday, and after I make a dent in painting the bedroom (no, I don't plan on doing it all in one day) I'm gonna start on some more!


MichelleB said...

It's looking great!

Leslie said...

I love this! Have bookmarked the pattern it for future reference.

Jessica said...

Okay, so Grace has her one year old quilt, no her mama needs a "I made it through one year" quilt

Anonymous said...

So, with the spouse out of the house (ha ha, look, that rhymes!) - did you sit around and vegitate (my personal favorite), get lots done on this quilt, or did you start 3 new projects while he was gone?!?