Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Victory is Mine

ahhhh, sweet victory. I scored the last three containers of this Crystal Light at the Piggly Wiggly.

Wal-Mart doesn't carry it anymore, and I was getting desperate. I bought some white grape/peach flavor and it was so blah, like drinking plain not-so-great water. I'm so content and happy now that I spent the weekend sewing - AFTER I spent the weekend cleaning and putting down pine straw in the heat of midday. Good thing I had plenty of Crystal Light.

I thought I'd share what passes for a sewing room in my house. Mind you, I'm not complaining - I've never had a room just for sewing/knitting/painting/weaving/spinning, but I sure can clutter up a room in no time flat. Here's a shot of my design wall, which is really just a place to hang small unquilted quilts and half-finished projects.

The blocks in front are my latest creations. I'm using American Jane's Recess - 1 charm pack and 2 honey buns. I got the honey buns for a ridiculously low price at They have some amazing sales! I'm going to use sashing to pull them together, but not sure what color yet. Probably white, since I would hate to break out of the box! There's also a Patrick Lose baby quilt on there, and a patchwork quilt, too. Oh, and some small bento box squares. Yes, I AM easily distracted! My cousin just asked me if I was still working on my string quilt. If by working on she means "in my backpack in the car", then yes, I am still working on it. Patience people, patience!!

In the next picture, we've panned past the design wall to the wall of wonders. Or crap, take your pick. Lots of books, weaving, knitting, spinning, quilting, floor cloths, rug hooking, etc. Even some silk painting, beading and cross stitch. Sigh. So many books, so little time.

And yet more of the stuff wall. The big cubby unit is the Expedia from Ikea. I heart Ikea. They always have a solution for my storage problems. I'm still not very organized, but I'm trying. I just love to buy gadgets and do-dads for my habits, and they do tend to overflow at times!! What I will not be showing you is my double closet in this room, full to overflowing with yarn and fabric. I'd never get anything done if I had all that stuff out to tempt me to start yet another new project!

Then we have the real work area. I love being able to look out on the trees next door. I originally had my sewing room the spare bedroom that overlooks the little lake, but for some reason I just couldn't get anything done in there. Wait, I see that the picture doesn't show the window. Okay, trust me, it's there. It's big, it's bright, it's a window. I repainted this bedroom (it was yellow, and trust me, a little yellow goes a long way!) so it would be bright and happy, and moved all my stuff in. The color is kind of like a light seafoam green. The rest of our house is pretty much decorated in a craftsman/arts and crafts style, and there was no way I could create in that atmosphere. I bought the Wilma curtains from Ikea to hang in here, as soon as I get the curtain rod hung. They're light and breezy and I have used them in other rooms, too. I tend to switch my curtains out, depending on my mood. I would love to have a small crystal chandelier in here, but I have a white ceiling fan with a schoolhouse light, and because this is south Georgia, I don't dare exchange it for something that couldn't keep me cool.
Still panning, here we have my $75 thrift shop find. It's an old china cabinet that had a horrific white paint job. I've peeled away a lot of the paint (can we say nervous habit?) and will eventually repaint it, but that's just one more thing to keep me from sewing. We'll see . . . Or knitting. Spinning. Weaving. Cleaning. Oh wait, not cleaning - I don't do that! There's no glass in the front anymore, and I don't know that I want to replace it, so I'll probably just use fabric or something. I have my ironing board set up right by my left side so I don't have to get up. Our house has all hard wood floors (except for the man cave, but that's another story entirely) so I'm able to roll around on my little desk chair without having to get up. And I wonder why I can't lose weight?? The poster is something my husband got me - it reads "Fear Less, Knit More". He usually doesn't pay much attention to my crafting, so I was pleasantly surprised to get this from him. Last but not least is my (okay, sister Betsy's) drop leaf table. It tends to be more of a catch all than anything, but I'm making a concerted effort to keep it clean. I need to quit cutting out fabric on my ironing board and the table is a great substitute. If I need more room, I can put the leaf down. That big pack of CD's? Hey, I was cleaning, they just hadn't made it to the room with the computer yet. Don't ask me how they got in my sewing room, they just did. Like the Christmas decorations and the containers of winter clothes. Obviously this room is not sacred!! Sorry these pictures are so dark, my bad. I didn't feel like spending even more time on this post. And now that I'm looking at all these pictures I realize that this room is pretty crowded and crappy. I bet a crystal chandelier would help . . .


Marie said...

A crystal chandelier always helps.

MichelleB said...

I always love to see other people's collection of stuff, er, I mean craft rooms. Mine is in a similar disarray, I mean, similar state of creativity. And yes, it is full of storage by Ikea, too.

Anonymous said...

RE: Crystal Light - Looks like it might taste like Tang.

Lar said...

I absolutely love the one quilt in the back with the hearts!!

Beverly said...

Organized or not it's great to have your own creative space. Mine could use a little straightening.

I haven't seen that Crystal. What does it taste like. I love the flavored lemonades.