Sunday, November 07, 2010

I've Lost My Mind

I just ordered my almost 11-yr.-old grandson's birthday present for the next 10 years. A laptop. Have I lost my mind? When my husband saw the receipt, he almost fainted, but then again, he's so tight he squeaks. What is it about grandkids that makes you put your common sense on the back burner and your wild impulses way up front? Maybe it's the ears.

I did so much research on laptops for kids that I thought I was going to have to take medication for CDO. That's OCD, but in the correct alphabetical order. Welcome to my world.
I finally decided on the First Spark by Toshiba. Well, it was my second choice, because as usual, the one I really wanted is not available ANYWHERE. Dear BestBuy, if you're sold out, you're sold out. Please take the product off your website so I don't stress over what I cannot have. Done. So the First Spark it is. It had the basic stuff I wanted as far as RAM, etc., and I liked the no-fingerprint finish and the wipeable keyboard.

He's not a beginner computer user, since he started using his parent's desktop computer before he was three. His Daddy found him at the computer one morning, drawing with Paint, and asked his Mama if she had turned the computer on for him. She said she hadn't, and that's when they learned he had figured out how to turn it off and on (using the power button!) and could recognize the Paint icon. He even used the mouse better than most adults at that age. I found it amazing that although he couldn't read until he was in first grade, he was able to figure out what he needed to do when playing games. Naturally, he reads now, and there isn't much in the way of technology that can stump him. I hope the computer isn't too juvenile for him. I guess if it is, the next in line brother will get it, and I'll be doing some more shopping. All hail the 18 months same as cash financing.


Beverly said...

Great present. I commend you for doing your homework to make the selection. I had no idea laptops for kids existed.

Anonymous said...

Heh, we're thinking about spending a whopping $175 or so revamping my old computer for Syd to use again, so I can hibernate in peace in the back room with the new (2008) computer! Maybe I should ask YOU for a new computer for Christmas! :)