Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Little Bit of Knitting. And figs. And tobacco.

Knitting, figs and tobacco. Three things you don't often see in the same sentence, or sentence fragment. Let's start off with my little bit o' knitting, and the very poor picture quality of my iPhone. This is my latest Clapotis, my fourth, I believe. I did some drunken yarn buying last New Year's Eve with a friend, and ended up with 2 skeins of Blue Moon Rare Earth Gems sock weight yarn. I'm a one-sock kinda gal, so I knew I wouldn't be using the yarn for that. It took me a full 6 or 7 months to find some inspiration, but when it hit me, I took off like my fingers were on fire. The skeins were different colorways (air and water) so I switched them every two rows. I will eventually take a picture of this beauty outside, where you can really see the colors. These shots were taken on one of my guest beds, where I've been doing all my blocking (a note to my guests - I do wash everything when I'm done blocking) I didn't bother to block the Clapotis though, I like to scrunch it up to use it as a scarf sometimes.

I finished my third or fourth wool peddler's shawl from Folk Shawls, by Cheryl Oberlie, right around the same time (this was in October, folks). I knit this one using Lamb's Pride Bulky from Sheep Shed Studios in Wyoming. The color, you ask? I don't know, green? I can't remember the exact name of the green. Sue me.

This is my favorite Wool Peddler's so far. I like the bulky wool, and the mohair in the Lamb's Pride makes it feel soft and fuzzy. It's bigger than some of the others I've made, and I like that, too. And talk about warm - this thing will melt your skin if you sit in the sun!

And lastly, figs. Fig season has been over for quite a while, but I just downloaded my pictures from my phone, and I saw this one. These are brown turkey figs, in case you were wondering. I made some bitchin' chicken with figs and brie when the season was in full swing. I had been reading a blog (why don't I write these things down!?) and someone was making and eating a chicken, fig and brie sandwich. I had fig preserves out the wazoo, and chicken (not out the wazoo), so I picked up some brie. I found it packaged in a roll - how cute is that? I just stuffed the chicken breasts with brie, put a little bit of preserves in there and skewered them shut with toothpicks. Then I poured more fig preserves on top and baked it. Now that was good. Hey, I bet it would work with leftover turkey, too. This might be a great post-Christmas meal. Leftover fowl, fig preserves that you received as a Christmas gift, and some brie, probably left over from your Christmas appetizer plate. Voila! Instant meal! You can thank me later.

Tobacco will have to wait for another day. I'm all blogged out.

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Marie said...

You've been a busy little knitter! both things are just beautiful. We tried that fig-and-brie-with-chicken thing and thought it mighty tasty.