Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

It's almost spring, and that's when a woman's fancy turns to shopping. Again. Kinda like winter. And summer. And, well, you know. My favorite bloggers are also my best enablers, and this spring they haven't let me down. Enter Photojojo. Ever heard of it? Don't be rude - wait until after you've read my post before you go clicking off to some other site! Here's what I want from them:
The Tokyo Dream Strap. How cool is that? Only $20.00, or two for $35.00. I like the blue, but then again, the red is too gorgeous.

Photoclips, because I need more crap to hang on my walls. No, really, I do.And Jelly Camera Phone Filters. Why not?
But really, I think I'll just settle for the camera strap. Now I'm off to look for a good camera bag that doesn't require a bank heist to pay for it.

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