Monday, August 06, 2012

Yes, Virginia, I Do Exist

And by exist, I mean sweat. Yes, sweat. Man, it is some kind of hot down here. In Tifton, not Hell, although some days I'm not sure there's much difference. My sister has been known to say that Tifton is as hot as Satan's butt crack, a place she must be familiar with, but I have not as of yet visited. I can't wait until I can complain about how cold it is. I know you're looking forward to that post, too.So, the hot summer. The hot, hot summer. It's been fun so far. All the kids and grandkids have been down to visit, all at the same time the week of July 4th. There were no sewage backup incidents, but did I mention it was hot? Oh, I did? Whatev. We had fun, but I miss seeing all of them on a regular basis.
I've got lots of catching up to do on here. The wine is ready. Well, it was ready almost 10 months ago, but that's another story. I've dyed wool, canned fruits and veggies, worked on the house, gained 10 pounds, knitted, rearranged furniture, lost 2 pounds, cut up my credit cards, made goat cheese, gained 4 more pounds, painted some stuff, and dyed my hair, more than once. Here are a few pics of my summer so far.
 Bowen at baseball camp

 Jesse's bday shortcake

 Toby, earning a cold Mountain Dew

 Just a frog, hitching a ride

 Princess Grace

 My sister's new plantation

 Idyllic moment. Yes, there was one.

  Luke, our child prodigy.

  Dan, after eating one too many Ninjago Legos.

 Yemessee, SC

Moonlight through the pines. Goodnight.

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Marie said...

Kinda thought you'd dropped off the face of the earth, blog-wise. Nice pictures, although that one of Gracie makes her look a little homicidal.