Thursday, March 16, 2006


It's not like I'm going anywhere special, but the fact is I don't have to go back to work until the 27th! I'm celebrating already. We had John's favorite dinner, Mexican, his favorite drink, margaritas, and, wait - I thought I was celebrating! Actually I got home at 2:30pm (yes, early) and took a nap until 6pm. I thought I was feeling a bit tired! I was too woozy to argue with him about the dinner. I think I'm the only person who really, really doesn't like Mexican food. I end up eating too many chips, overeating whatever I order, and drinking too much. After one particularly drunken dinner I managed to smash my thumb in the laundry room door. Hard. I even took pictures of it once I came to. It was gross. All this brings us back to the fact that eating Mexican out is never a good experience. I try not to eat the chips anymore, I drink water, and we share an order of fajitas. How fun is that? Oh, and tonight was mariachi band night. Need I say more? I know, I'm grouchy.
Okay, on to knitting. I blocked the Wool Peddler's shawl last night, and just unpinned it when we got back from dinner. It is wonderful!! I can't wait to give it to my sister so I can take a picture of it. I hope she likes it. I'll also be finishing up a pair of mittens for a friend of mine who is my Beauti-Control hook-up. She sent me a bunch of fantastic samples and things, and I'm sending her a pair of mittens. She's a friend of my Michigan sister, and saw the mittens I made for my sister and my niece and requested a pair, in light blue. This is the free pattern by Sarah Bradberry. It's really easy and well written, in my opinion. I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes - I think the color is denim. No, chambray. That's it. Chambray. I always wash the mittens before I send them, to let the yarn bloom and even out the stitches. I like them, too, but I wear mittens about once a year here, whether I need them or not. I'll post another exciting picture after they're finished and washed. Oh, the anticipation.
Next, we have a lovely photo of the Paula Deen chocolate sheet cake I made for my co-workers to celebrate my upcoming week off.Needless to say, I brought home an empty pan.
To end the post, here is a shot of what I see everyday when I get home:I'm wondering if I should be jealous? (I'm not sure of which one, though)

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