Thursday, April 20, 2006

We've Got Boys!

Not only do we have the happy Easter boys pictured here, but we just found out today that the twins are boys, too! 5 grandsons total! Yeah for boys!


Julie said...

Sweet! I take it the twins are due sometime in the future?

Donna said...

What cute boys! Do you have no girls? I grew up in a family of mostly boy cousins--4 boys then my one girl cousin and me.

Amanda said...

What a bunch of good looking guys! Looks like you had a fun Easter!

Monkey jungle? Honeymoon itinerary? Yes, I'd say you've got some clearing up to do on that trip! Sounds like quite an adventure regardless of what surprises come up along the way - I'll be anxious to see how this unfolds!

And yes, our Swiss wedding approaches - I actually have a second blog with more of the details here: if you want to check it out. We're SOOO excited about it - it's going to be a GREAT summer!