Saturday, December 29, 2007

Coffee Update

For all of you who were thinking I must be a sucker to believe I'd get a coffee maker for shipping and handling, guess what? You LOSE!! We just got home from our holiday trip to SC and TN, and my Senseo was waiting for me at the front doorstep. I've unpacked it, but I sure as heck don't want any coffee tonight. All I want is a nice night of sleep in MY OWN BED. I'll let you know how it works tomorrow!
I'll also have news of the trip and pics of fiber goodness, and maybe even a diamond ring for emphasis.

Added the next day: Okay, I'm sold. I made myself a cup of coffee today. Quite possibly the best cup of coffee I've ever made. I for one love the Senseo. I did play around with it, though. I put more than 4 oz. of water in the reservoir, because let's face it, a 4 oz. cup of coffee is just a tease. Then I pushed the two cup button twice, using the same coffee pod. I'm not into strong coffee. It was great. The foam did throw me off a bit though. Foam - in my coffee - go figure.


Leslie said...

Well, I'll be. Who would have thunk some things aren't too good to be true!

Susan said...


Wanted to wish you a Happy 2008 and to thank you for visiting my blog:)
Now, I love a good ol'cuppa Joe as much as the next knitter...but I gotta ask, diamond ring??? fibery goodness??? puhleez! ;)