Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where to start? Where to start?

I am a truly lazy blogger! I've been busy doing this and that, but just didn't feel like sharing. Now it's time!

This past weekend I took a 5-gallon bucket of tomatoes ($13.00 worth) and made spaghetti sauce. I haven't done such a thing for about 22 years, and I guess I kinda miscalculated how many tomatoes I needed to make a dozen or so quarts of sauce. After processing, straining, and cooking down, here's what I ended up with.

Yup, 4 quart jars of spaghetti sauce. F-O-U-R. Next year I'm growing my own tomatoes. Lots of them. Big ones, big, big ones.

And there's knitting, too. I finished the Caribbean Clapotis, but no pics yet. I also finished the Pixie sweater, and here it is, soaking in the bathroom sink.

I'm hoping to get it blocked tonight. I would have done it last night, but I ended up drinking a tall fuzzy navel with fresh peaches before dinner. No wonder why I was ready for bed at 8:10pm!!

In other random news, I made a wise decision to not attend water aerobics the other afternoon when I saw this headed my way:
I kinda figured there wouldn't be any pool activities going on, but since our YMCA is housed in trailers (hey, we're trying) I decided not to tempt fate by being in one with heavy workout equipment when the tornado hit. It justified not working out that afternoon, but there ended up not being any kind of tornado. In fact, we hardly got any rain at our house. But you know if I had gone there would have been, right?
Okay, on to garden news. I. Had. Stinkbugs. On my tomatoes. Nasty little bastards. I think I've got all of them and their creepy offspring, but my tomatoes did suffer. My greenbeans are poopy, not much to speak of. I'm going to tear them out and put something else in. And what's up with the zucchini?? Tons of blossoms, but no fruit. I even went out there to make zucchini sex with the blossoms. We'll see if it works. I've only had 2 yellow squash, too. One I ate, the other ended up with end rot before it got big enough to pick. I did get one eggplant so far though, which I present to you here:The other stuff is from the garden, too. Just a little bit of this and that.
And here are some pictures from the week with the boys. Sometimes you never know just how good a beer can taste until you spend the week with the grandchildren.


Julie said...

Lazy? I think NOT! It's a wonder you survived with all the grandkids.
I may have a solution for your bugs. A friend at church says he makes weak coffee by running a second pot of water through the grounds and uses it instead of chemical spray on his vegetable garden. He says the bugs must not like the flavor of the coffee. I haven't tried this yet, but it just might work.

Theresa said...

Your spaghetti sauce looks good... do you have a recipe? You still haven't emailed me about your prize you won! :o)