Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hysterectomy vs. Dentist Visit

And I'll take the hysterectomy every time. What a difference a day or two makes!! After I quit all the pain meds, which I really didn't need anyway, I felt great. I came back to work yesterday (Monday) and except for a sore navel, I'm fine. I had my sutures removed yesterday, all 4 of them, big deal. I could have done it myself and saved the time and gas it took to get there and back. So life is returning to normal, whatever that means.
I made an etsy sale over the weekend to a fellow Tiftonite. Or whatever it is you call us Tifton dwellers. I took her the $2 she paid for shipping (she lives about a mile away from me!) and her purchase and braved the dark to find her house last night. My lord, I'm turning into my grandmother. I can't see to drive at night, and I don't drive that well during daylight hours as it is. It was so neat to meet a fellow craft junkie (sorry Ashley, that's what you (we) are) so close by. She does some really nice work, and she's one of those super-talented people. She even went to Johnson and Wales (is that how you spell it?) and has worked as a baker. Mmmm, makes me hungry to think about it. Her etsy store is lepetitmonstre, and I have to admit, I've window shopped there before. Go check it out, her items would make great gifts that no one else will be duplicating!
And because I can't leave you without a picture, here's one.

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