Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Organic Goodness

This is a quickie, because I'm supposed to be helping out with honors day preparations in about 10 minutes!

I made a bread bag for a back-to-basics co-worker, for her homemade bread, and look what she brought me: (taken with my iPhone, excuse the quality)

Wonderful homemade bread, and yes, I did nibble on it, gluten be damned. I'll just load up on Aleeve and Immodium tonight. It was THAT good!And gluten-free chocolate chip-peanut butter cookies, also dairy free. Best cookies I've ever tasted!

She milks her goats for the milk, uses her own eggs from her chickens, organic cane sugar, local honey and buys fair-trade chocolate, etc. She's very conscious of where her food comes from. I'll post the recipe she gave me for the cookies soon, and now I'm off to the auditorium to practice!

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